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Federation Song

On Tuesday 9th April 70 children from across our schools came together to form a choir and record our Federation Song. 'I am a small part of the world.'

It is a beautiful song and the lyrics sum up what we are going to achieve as a Federation. Lines such as; 'If I stand by your side and you put your hand in mine, together we can be so strong and bold' as well as 'If I tell you my dreams and you add your dreams to mine, together we can reach up to the skies' are perfect for what we will do working together as a family of schools.

The song was recorded by one of our trustees, Baby J, who is a successful music producer. The children had a wonderful opportunity to work alongside two West End Stars for the day, Victoria Farley and Sophie Isaacs. A full report of the day can be found here.


You can listen to the recording whilst watching highlights from the day using the video below. We hope you enjoy!

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