The Embark Award


The Embark Award is part of our commitment as a trust to the wider offer for our children. It comprises of 100 activities for children to complete around our 4 core beliefs of Family, Integrity, Teamwork and Success.


These activities encourage family learning at home, however, we realise some children do not have the support so the activities are designed and the majority can be done in school; children will have a breadth of experiences in their primary years.


Children will work towards their Bronze Award –40 activities, Silver Award –60 Activities and then finally their Gold Award –90 Activities.


Some examples of the activities include:



  1. Cook a Family Meal
  2. Send School a postcard from holiday
  3. Join the local Library and attend with family
  4. Write/e-mail to another member of the Embark Family at a different school.
  5. Play a game with another child from the Embark Family at a different school.
  6. Interview a family member about their job.
  7. Draw a Family tree and speak to a family member about the past.
  8. Go to a place of worship with your family.
  9. Draw a portrait of your oldest family member and interview them about their past
  10. Perform at a school show to the members of your family.



  1. Raise at least £10 for a charity event
  2. Lead an assembly on a worthwhile topic
  3. Clean up the community
  4. Help improve an area of the school
  5. Keep a recycling diary
  6. Become a mini leader
  7. Care for a new child at school/become a buddy
  8. Teach someone a new skill
  9. Encourage Healthy Eating –diary/poster/research
  10. Sing in an old people’s home



  1. Participate in 3 school competitions in a year
  2. Take part in a school camp out
  3. Solve a problem with a group of friends
  4. Attend an after school club for at least 6 sessions
  5. Belong to any team outside of school and show us evidence of this
  6. Take part in an enterprise project in school
  7. Represent the school as part of a team
  8. Represent Embark as part of a team
  9. Take part in a school performance to an audience as a team
  10. Represent your class on the school council



  1. Learn a musical instrument and perform it to others
  2. Complete a reading challenge
  3. Times Tables award
  4. Spellings award
  5. Complete a school bike ride over 10 miles
  6. Perform a lead role in a school play
  7. Achieve 25 metres swimming badge
  8. Win a competition
  9. Appear in the media for something successful
  10. Piece of artwork displayed in a gallery


Congratulations Sarah Armitage MBE

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